Dec 8, 2012

Downtown dress up

 It snowed here yesterday again but  I was excited to go to a temporary shop.
 Gluhwein was waiting for me there. yum☆

Well, I went there not for gluhwein, but for helping my jewelry teacher. She sells her collection at the temporary shop. ( Actually I only enjoyed and I wasn't helpful, I think...sorry Susi!!) Anyway at this shop you can find so nice items made by great designers. Must go!!
はっ、そこにはグリューワインのためではなく、私のジュエリーの先生のお手伝いで行きました。今週末限定のショップ彼女のコレクションを販売するので(実際ただ楽しんだだけで、あんまり役に立たなかった気がする、、、ごめんSusi!!) とにかく、そこではすてきなデザイナーたちのすてきなこたちに出会えます。


Lovely knits made from original yarn.

I love her gloves too. Her idea is great. They make you so nice-looking especially while biking. It's important here in Amsterdam. I couldn't choose this time. Next time I wll!!


Her collection is also so lovely☆ So cute colors and motifs.

Pretty collection by the owners of this atelier.


 Oh, you can enjoy gluhwein too, of course.

 Tomorrow is the last day. Have fun!