Nov 28, 2012

Before it gets too cold, while the sky is still beautiful blue, to Luxembourg

 Well, it was already a few months ago... Anyway we went to Luxembourg for a live show. I didn't know well about Luxembourg, but it was a so beautiful place. 
もう数か月前になってしまいますが、 ライブを見にLuxembourgに行きました。Luxembourgについてよく知らなかったけど、とってもすてきなところでした。

 We are almost there. 

 It was a so cool show!! Thank you so much, The all american rejects and blink182!! (Sorry for that I had only this photo...)
ついに!かっこよかった!!ありがとう、The all american rejectsそして blink182!!(写真動画もなくてごめんなさい。)


On the next day, we did a short sightseeing too.  I have not seen mountains while I have been in flat Amsterdam, then I just felt it was like Japan.

What is this?

Cheese fondue!! 

yum yum yum