Feb 13, 2012


Sky looks totally different in each time and each place. I feel so fresh when I go to somewhere else and see the sky there. I love the sky of south warm countries especially.

 Guam (Feb. 5, 2012)

 From a window in a restaurant (Barcelona, Dec. 2011)

 Barcelona (Dec. 2011)

 On a bus in Mallorca (Dec. 2011)

Amsterdam (Jan. 2012)

 About 3 days ago, we could only see very gray sky here. But under such a sky, people looked so happy. (They were skating on the frozen canal☆)

Today I could start working at an apparel store named "Sky".
When I was in a basketball club at high school, my code name was "Sora"(sky in Japanese).
Sky seems to be something special for me.
I love sky!

空は、私にとって何か特別なようです。I love sky!