Feb 15, 2012

About my school

Before I moved to the Netherlands, I had never imagined that I would go to school to learn Dutch. (I heard that Dutch people speak English really well. )
Yes, it's true. When you talk to them in English, they answer in English nicely. But they speak Dutch normally, of course. I couldn't understand what they were speaking and what are written totally at first. It's a little bit sad, I just wanted to understand and start learning Dutch as soon as possible. I looked for a school a lot and found my Dutch class starting at the end of October.

I love my school and class totally. My classmates are really international. Everyone comes from different countries. I really enjoy the school except for the heavy books and homework. 
So many books

Interesting stuffs

About 3 months passed now and we can speak Dutch a little bit. Last week one of my classmates suggested and we bet.
The losers are me, another classmate and our teacher.

And today we had to bring something;
My teacher: gluhwein, my classmate: snacks, me: sweets.

So today we could enjoy a small party even the losers☆

 It started before 12:00. Of course we still continued the Dutch lesson too, talked about politics and blah blah blah.  I said I can't drink so much, but I drank 3 cups... It's yummy☆ Yes, I was drunk! It was a nice happy Wednesday!!
たしかそれは12時前に始まり、もちろんオランダ語の授業も引き続き、政治のこととかなんか話したりして。私はそんなに飲めないよと言ったんだけど、なんだか3杯飲んでました、、、おいしかったあ☆ はい、酔っ払いました!まあ楽しい水曜日でした!

Sorry for my unclear photos.