Oct 7, 2012

Vogue fashion's night out

Time flies so fast. It's October already, one year has passed since I came here, wow unbelievable! I have had too many nice experiences here so far to write down all of them... I really appreciate all of them. Thank you so much!!
Well now I would like to show a commemorable night in Amsterdam last month.
時が経つのはとっても早い。もう10月なんて、私がこちらに引っ越してきてから1年が経ったなんて、信じられない! たくさんすてきな経験をさせてもらって、とてもここに全てを書ききれません。全てに本当に感謝しています。ありがとうございます!!

It was Vogue fashion's night out!
Why is this so commemorable? Coz first Vogue Nederland was also issued about a year ago,  just like me.
Vogue fashion's night out!
なんでそんな記念すべきかというと、Vogue Nederlandもまさに私と同じように、ほぼ1年前に生まれたばかりだからです。
At a department store; De Bijenkorf you could enjoy fashion shows
De Bijenkorf というデパートではファッションショーが楽しめたり

Chocolate fountain♪

 Nice performance in front of the main entrance.

It started getting dark and I would go back to home.

But  I found another area of this event on my way to home and stopped by.

 It was a nice happy Thursday night after work☆